BRT Shuttle Service, Cleveland charter bus


You’ve got the event organized, tickets are selling like hot cakes, the venue is dialed in, and attendance is going to be huge. Everything appears to be smooth sailing, with one exception: you’re still not sure how you’re going to solve the transportation hang-ups that come with that many people. We think we have the answer you’re looking for! Motorcoaches make shuttling groups of people a breeze, and they are comfortable, classy, and affordable, too. 


If you’re moving athletes to the starting line, in charge of coming up with a solution for the projected traffic at an exhibit, need an efficient way to get folks from the hotel to the convention center for a business gala, or want a morning work shuttle for your employees, this is our area of expertise. Our transportation specialists love to customize our services to match your precise shuttle needs. Bottom line? It doesn’t matter what event it is, we know we’ve got you covered!

Can we help with your shuttle transportation?